French reviews and interviews

August 8, 2019 News

In connection with the French premiere of the film “Becoming Astrid” several news media featured reviews about the original score and interviews with Nicklas Schmidt, composer of the music.

La Musique de Film wrote a glowing review of both film and score, citing:

Becoming Astrid is a powerful and harrowing drama, which never turns into pathos. It is often throughout a gesture or a word that the emotion is brought on. Therefore, the score is a major tool for giving rise to emotion. Nicklas Schmidt’s music perfectly highlights many scenes without taking advantage, knowing how to accompany a life changing decision. The movie is bursting with the most beautiful scenes, but the album too is overflowing with tracks which convinced me by their beauty, their dynamism, their softness and the love emerging from them.

Mégane Bouron posted a portrait interview at the Lars & Ruby web publication with the title “Une mélodie mélancolique“:

J’ai réalisé qu’écrire pour le cinéma était quelque chose que j’aurais beaucoup de mal à lâcher de nouveau.

And finally a long interview with Nicklas in English was published in the magazine “Les Gens de Berkeley” – discussing the background for creating the score and working with director Pernille Fischer Christensen.