“The Double Concerto“

August 8, 2019 Featured, News

a new blog on maecen.com

I am writing a larger symphonic double concerto for violin, cello and orchestra.

And in addition to that, I will blog about the process all the way through to the premiere and recording of the piece with Lucy Azizian Idsøe (violin), Jakob Kullberg (cello) and the Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra in Kilden Concert Hall, Norway.

As an experiment, I will document every step on the road. From early thoughts, ideas, sketches, to the full orchestrated final piece. I will do so in writing (blog-like), by sharing score examples (pdf’s and pics) and through audio (podcast-like) and with videos.
A perfect cocktail for a composer anxiety attack right there – but you will have a unique opportunity to peek over my shoulder.

Maecen.com is a new platform where you can support the Double Concerto project – that is: both the writing of the music, and my creative progress blog. It works a little like Kickstarter or Patreon, but subscription based. You pay a little (as little as 5 DKK / 0,7€), and hopefully it will work out to our mutual benefit and interest.

Sign up as my maecen here

Episode 4 of “the Double Concerto” blog is now online (August 2019)