Det Perfekte Kup – The Perfect Heist

Feature film directed by Dennis Petersen (2008) Nordisk Film / Stogie Films

Det Perfekte Kup (the Perfect Heist)


An exceptionally cheerful action comedy about Sonny, Patric, Steen and Richael, who all dream of performing the perfect heist, while lacking the abilities and the luck to even complete a half-decent one. After yet another failed attempt, where Steen shoots himself in the head, the other three end up in jail, where they give vent to their frustrations. Unable to do anything else, they fantasize about different variations of the perfect heist. But even in their fantasies they are not up against trivialities, but motorcycle gangs, the police, upset stomachs, low self-esteem, a lacking sense of the situation and extreme recklessness, which take their plans more and more out of control.


Det Perfekte Kup The film has been shown in Danish cinemas and lately in the Nordic Countries on the TV1000 Nordic channel, and on Danish TV2