Out of this Wood – Double Concerto

May 10, 2022 Concert, News

New Concerto in three movements for Violin, Cello and Orchestra by Nicklas Schmidt

World premiere concert on May 25th 2022 in Kristiansand, Norway

Performed by the Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra
conductor: Ingar Bergby
soloists: Loussine Azizian Idsøe (violin) · Jakob Kullberg (cello)

Cello soloist Jakob Kullberg
Kilden Concert Hall in Kristiansand, Norway
Violin soloist Loussine Azizian Idsøe, who commissioned the new work

In this new double concerto, I have worked with a symmetrical 9-tone row. The entire 1st movement is built only on the pitches A,B,C,C#,D#,E,F,G,Ab – and the 3rd movement also heavily relies on this, with some exceptions. Stylistically you will hear inspiration from late romantic Russian music (Prokofiev), American minimalism (John Adams) and echoes of the music by Japanese composer Toru Takemitsu.

The title of the concerto is taken from a passage of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” by Shakespeare: ”Out of this wood do not desire to go. Thou shalt remain here whether thou wilt or no.”

The movements are:

  • I Misterioso
  • II Scherzando ; Cadenza      
  • III Presto

The project is sponsored by Augustinus Fonden, KODA Culture and is partly crowdfunded on DiGiDi profile.

Tickets for the concert are available here