Unga Astrid / Becoming Astrid at Berlinale Special Gala Premiere

February 6, 2018 Featured, Film, Gallery, News

unga-astrid_foto-erik-molberg-hansenNicklas Schmidt made the music for director Pernille Fischer Christensens new film about Swedish author Astrid Lindgren.

“Becoming Astrid” was selected for the Berlin Film Festival 2018, and had world premiere in a Berlinale Special Gala on February 21st 2018.

“Erik Molberg Hansen’s dynamic, natural-light, widescreen lensing is full of visual interest and matches the sweep of Nicklas Schmidt’s lush string score.” – Alissa Simon, Variety

“Der Film ist schlicht und klassisch erzählt – mit wunderschönem Score und prachtvollen Landschaften.” – Werner-Hochbaum-Schrein

“To top it off, the film has a lovely score by Nicklas Schmidt that enhances the emotion in the story, which is complimented by gorgeous cinematography by Erik Molberg Hansen.” – Alex Billington, Berlinale Review

” – the tinkling score fine tunes the emotional engineering of the most emotive scenes…” – Wendy Ide, Screen Daily

“The score was beautiful, the film very well structured thanks to the great direction and screenplay.” – Alex Blanchett, Letterboxd