I love the delicate process of enhancing drama and emotional impact that rise out of the merging of music and motion picture.

My main goal is to create a film music that adds to the story and characters something that is not told through the images and dialogue.

The right music at the right place in the right dose has the potential to make us cry, feel joyous, hold our breath in anticipation, get the ominous premonition of disaster & danger, feel sympathy, love, hate, indifference.. etc. 
Of equal importance is the role of silence. Understanding when not to have music in a film – as well as defining the moments when “less is more”.

I am seeking close cooperation with the sound editor – to complement each others work rather than fighting for predominance. A film overloaded with both music, sound effects and dialogue might prove to work against the intentions of the director.

With my classical composer background I have a comprehensive technical knowledge of the symphony orchestra and musical form.

As a film composer I have worked on feature, short, animation, tv-drama, nature and documentary films. Several of which have won international awards. See the credits page for details.