Det Perfekte Kup – The Perfect Heist

Det Perfekte Kup

Feature film directed by Dennis Petersen

Honestly, Mum and Dad


Documentary series on Danish TV2 Directed by Anja Marott

Black Angels – Svartir Englar


Svartir Englar is a 6 episode crime series that was hugely popular in Iceland.

7 tracks from the Zoomerne Score


A mix of 7 tracks from the score of the Zentropa motion picture “Zoomerne” (eng. title Zoomers). Music composed by Nicklas Schmidt. Played by the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Nic Raine. See clips from the film at

Zoomerne Prague Recording Session

tb_tim og alexander i klassen

A video from the recording session of Christian E. Christiansen’s “Zoomerne” in the Smecky studio in Prague. This is the title theme from the film. Music composed and orchestrated by Nicklas Schmidt Conductor: Nic Raine The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra Mix by Mads Creutzburg & Eddie Simonsen (Mainstream)

Green Screen Award for Best Music


Green Screen Award for “Chameleon Beach” Nicklas Schmidt won “Best Music” award at the 2009 Green Screen International Wild Life Film Festival in Eckernförde, Germany.

Blodsøstre – Blood Sisters


Louise Friedberg’s short film “Blood Sisters” was selected for Berlin’s Generation programme in 2007.



The international award winning Zoomerne (Zoomers) now on DVD Now for sale in Denmark – check and major shops. – Available with Danish & English subtitles. When “Zoomerne” opened in Danish cinemas, several reviewers of the film mentioned the music specifically: “Nicklas Schmidt’s score sounds like it was taken from a gigantic Hollywood production.” […]